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Annual Return for the year ended            31 March 2016

Like every other small authority in England, Bramerton Parish Council is required to complete an annual return outlining its financial practices and its previous year’s expenditure at the end of the financial year. At the meeting of the Parish Council in May 2016 the chair and the clerk of the council publicly signed off the figures before they were submitted to independent auditors to be checked and verified. You can find the relevant pages of the audit document by clicking here Page 1, here Page 2 and here Page 3.

We are also required to publish the formal notice below which gives you details of where the audited accounts may be inspected and copies purchased – by contacting the Clerk, Brian Ansell, at 44 The Street, Rockland St Mary, Norwich NR14 7AH . For security reasons, on this web site the original signatures on the various audit documents have been replaced by printed names.

Notice of completion

Annual Return for the year ended             31 March 2015

Bramerton PC declaration & end of year statement 2015