Parish Council Allotments

VACANT PLOT AVAILABLE – Please contact Parish Clerk for further information.

Bramerton Parish Council has an allotment site located on Hill House Road within the village, which comprises of fourteen plots. These plots are available to rent for parishioners residing within the village of Bramerton through a yearly agreement directly with Bramerton Parish Council. The allotments are very popular and some tenants have been successfully cultivating their plots for many years. The Parish Council holds a waiting list for any interested parties.   There is currently a vacant plot available.  For further information please contact the Parish Clerk at

All allotment holders sign an Allotment Gardens Tenancy Agreement.  Bramerton Parish Council lets the allotment garden to the tenant for a term of one year commencing on 1st April and thereafter from year to year unless terminated in accordance with the terms of tenancy.  All tenancies are subject to the Allotment Gardens Rules and Regulations made by Bramerton Parish Council and the Allotments Act 1908 to 1950 as amended.  Other governance documents are in place, Rules and Regulations Relating to Sheds / Greenhouses / Tress  and Structure / Tree Permit Form