Meetings this year

All Parish Council meetings are held in Bramerton Village Hall and start at 7.30pm (unless otherwise stated). Everyone is welcome to attend.

Remainder Meeting Dates for 2019/2020

  • 24th February 2020 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 23rd March 2020 – Parish Council Meeting

Meeting Dates for 2020/21

  • 27th April 2020 – Annual Parish Meeting
  • 11th May 2020 – Annual Parish Council Meeting
  • 22nd June 2020 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 20th July 2020 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 14th September 2020 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 19th October 2020 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 30th November 2020 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 18th January 2021 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 22nd February 2021 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 22nd March 2021 – Parish Council Meeting

The Agenda for each meeting will be posted on the notice board(s) and on the website, 3 clear days before each meeting.  Items for the Agenda will usually be those agreed and minuted at the end of the last meeting.

If you would like to raise a concern, please come along to the next meeting in person.
Public Participation is always on the Agenda, early in the Meeting.  If you are unable to attend the Meeting in person for any reason, please raise your concerns with a Parish Councillor, so they can speak on your behalf.

Each meeting approves the Minutes for the previous Parish Council Meeting, which will then be posted on the website.

For all enquiries about Parish Council meetings, including Agenda submissions, please contact the Parish Clerk, Yvonne Wonnacott:
01508 494635