Councillors and Contact Details

For general Parish matters, please contact the Parish Clerk, Yvonne Wonnacott:, 01508 494635.

Councillors and Local Representatives:

Parish Council Members:

Keith Wheeldon – Chairman – 01508 538279

Richard Simmonds – Vice Chair – 01508 493878

Duncan Butler – Councillor – 01508 538444

John Middleton – Councillor – 01508 492692

Marcel Pfrang – Councillor – 01508 538016

Robert Prince – Councillor – 07910 131329

Roger Smith – Councillor – 01508 538225

Councillors Declarations of interest can be viewed on the South Norfolk Council website:

Tree Warden:

Jane Wheeldon 

South Norfolk and Norfolk County Councillor:

Vic Thomson –

Farewell to former councillors

The Annual Parish meeting on 15 April 2019 was the last official meeting for three parish councillors who had decided they would not stand for re-election at the end of their term of office.

Chair of the parish council, Keith Wheeldon, thanked Gillian MacArthur for the contribution she had made to the council during her time as a councillor, especially all her work on the conservation and maintenance of the pond in The Street and the pond on the recreation ground.

He then gave special thanks to David Blake and Geoff Shaw who together have served on the parish council for something like 40 years, and each has served as chair for part of that time.

In giving his thanks to David Blake the Chair said that he had got to know David well by working with him over the last four years. He was soon impressed with David’s incredible knowledge about Bramerton. He reported that David has a wicked sense of humour and was incredibly generous with his time and, for example, with the use of his barn for storing the village sign when it was knocked down, and in giving the bollards to secure the village Common.

Similarly the Chair said he had got to know Geoff well in the last four years as a fellow councillor. Geoff too has a terrific knowledge about the village and some of the legal issues facing the Parish Council. For example it was Geoff who handled the recent registration of parish land on our behalf. Geoff has also been our chief finance officer, perhaps not in name, but certainly in practice. He has been the one who has sat down each year and worked out just how much we need to keep the parish in good order.

So, what to give someone who has given so much? At an extra-ordinary parish council on 25 March councillors agreed unanimously to grant both David and Geoff the honorary Freedom of the Parish, and each was presented with a commemorative scroll in recognition of their eminent and loyal service to the community of the parish of Bramerton. In conclusion the Chairman said, “Although this Freedom does not give David or Geoff  the right to graze sheep on the Recreation Ground or to drive vehicles over the Common it does, I hope, convey a measure of the esteem in which both are held by the community you have served so faithfully and with such diligence.”

The evening ended with refreshments and the cutting of a celebration cake especially provided by Teles Patisserie of Surlingham.

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