Bramerton Parish Council – agendas and minutes

The Parish Council meets at Bramerton village hall every two months. Meetings are usually held on a Monday and start at 7:30pm. Parishioners and other members of the public are very welcome to attend, and there is always an opportunity for you to speak and ask questions.

Agenda for the next meeting

The next meeting of the parish council will be held at 7:30 on 26 November 2018 in the village hall. Click here for a draft copy of the agenda PC agenda Nov 2018. At the end of the meeting (at about 9:30) there will be a presentation to Brian Ansell who is retiring as parish Clerk, followed by light refreshments. Please come along!

Minutes of Parish Council meetings

The links below links will take you to Parish Council Agendas and Minutes with the most recent at the top. Please note that the minutes are in draft unless otherwise stated. 

Parish Council Budget for 2018/19

At the meeting held on 17 January 2018 the parish council approved the budget for 2018/19. You can find a copy by clicking Bramerton PC budget 2018:19

Minutes of the most recent meeting (draft)

Bram minutes September 2018

Minutes of previous meetings

Bram minutes 23 08 18

Bram minutes July 2018 #2b 

Bram minutes May 2018

Draft minutes March 2018 #3

Bram minutes January 2018

November PC minutes

Bram minutes September 2017

Bramerton PC minutes May 2017

Bramerton Annual Parish Meeting minutes April 2017

Bramerton PC minutes March 2017

Bramerton PC minutes January 2017

Bramerton draft minutes November 2016

Bramerton PC minutes September 2016 (amended) 

Bramerton PC minutes July 2016

Bramerton PC minutes May 2015

Bramerton Annual Parish Meeting minutes April 2016

Bramerton PC minutes March 2016

Bramerton PC minutes January 2016

Bramerton PC minutes November 2015

Bramerton PC minutes draft 28 09 15

Bramerton PC minutes July 2015

Bramerton PC minutes May 2015

Bramerton Annual Parish Meeting minutes April 2015

Bramerton PC minutes March 2015

Bramerton PC minutes January 2015

Bramerton PC minutes January 2015 (special budget meeting)

Bramerton PC minutes November 2014

Bramerton PC minutes September 2014

Bramerton PC minutes July  2014

Results of the uncontested election May 2015