Coronavirus – (COVID-19)

Track and Trace System

Norfolk County Council have asked us to give further, wider publicity to some key messages about the Track and Trace System : these are detailed below.

We are all horribly aware that we are by no means out of the Covid‑19 woods yet and the situation is changing almost daily.

The Protect Norfolk Campaign realises there are four key measures which everyone should adopt to help prevent a resurgence which are:

  1. Frequent and Regular Hand Washing with soap.  The ‘regular’ bit of this means: washing hands when it is possible or likely you have had contact with surfaces that may be contaminated such as goods in shops or surfaces used by people outside your bubble.  Use water above 77o Fahrenheit or 25 o Centigrade.
  2. Social Distancing. Keep at least two metres apart wherever possible
  3. Use a Face Mask when in public places
  4. Stay at home as much as possible.

Additionally: everyone should observe any special rules for particular events or circumstances which are continually being updated.   For the latest information these are definitive and reliable sources.

Remember: these measures are to protect not only yourself but everyone else you come in contact with.

To learn how Soap KILLS the virus listen to this programme from the BBC world Service : if you can’t listen to it all, start 24 and a half minutes in.


Key messages from Norfolk County Council

Coronavirus is still with us. Cases in Norfolk are low and we want to keep them that way. The best thing to do to protect ourselves and others is to continue to wash our hands regularly, keep our distance from others and wear a face covering in shops and on public transport.

To protect others, you and everyone living in your house should isolate straight away if you show symptoms. The symptoms are: a new continuous cough; fever; or a loss or change in your taste and smell.

As soon as you isolate, visit or call 119 to book a test. Everyone is eligible to get a test if they have symptoms. You can choose either a drive-through test or a home test kit. Stay in isolation until you receive your results, which will include instructions on what to do next.

NHS Test and Trace will contact people who test positive for Covid-19. They will ask you about who you have been in contact with from two days before onset of symptoms to seven days after. This will identify people at risk who could pass on the virus before (or without) showing symptoms themselves.

For more information about how to stay safe and how to get support if you need it whilst isolating visit:


Protect Ourselves, Protect Others, Protect Norfolk 

Norfolk Local Outbreak Control Plan has been launched under the strapline Protect Ourselves, Protect Others, Protect Norfolk to set out how the county will support the national NHS Test and Trace programme to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus.

The plan sets out how Norfolk’s Public Health will work with a range of County Council departments and community partners to prevent local outbreaks in the first place. However, if outbreaks do occur, the plan sets out how they will be tracked in specific work places, settings, and communities and managed to limit further transmission. Also detailed is how Norfolk residents can find further guidance and support.

Norfolk’s Director of Public Health has led on the development of our Local Outbreak Control Plan in partnership with district councils, NHS Chief Executives, and the Norfolk Resilience Forum.

It was developed after the Government announced that every area of England should produce a plan to prevent and manage local outbreaks of coronavirus as lockdown measures are eased.

Prevention is key, and with further restrictions having been lifted, measures such as hand washing, social distancing in public places, and encouraging people to access testing immediately if they are unwell, are more important than ever.


Norfolk County Council – Guide to reducing the spread of Coronavirus in Norfolk

Guide to reducing the spread of Coronavirus in Norfolk

Norfolk Coronavirus Response

We want to keep everyone informed about how to stay safe and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Would you like to receive key information from the Norfolk Resilience Forum in printed form?  If so please call us on 0344 800 8020.

Alternatively, if you have access to a computer then all information can be found at

As part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic we have a range of extra support in place for people who need it.  If you need help and support with anything from getting access to food, picking up prescriptions or making your property safe, to community alarms or assisted bin collections then call 0344 800 8020

Norfolk Resilience Forum

Local District Council “Confidence” Campaign

Your local district Council has led the way in providing support during the COVID 19 crisis. Our Help Hub has taken over 15,000 calls asking for help from residents and we have provided over 10,000 bespoke solutions, one family and one street at a time. Our staff and army of volunteers has been shopping for the isolated, delivering medicine and providing hardship funds to those in need. But now we are moving into a second phase. While we continue to look after our most vulnerable residents, the Council is determined that we now do for our local economy what we have managed to achieve in our humanitarian response. We will engage a whole council effort to ensure that businesses are helped, not hindered, to chart a path through the recovery and back to prosperity.

This letter explains how we intend to help you ensure that our local economy bounces back, and how, with the use of our statutory, regulatory, licencing and financial powers we will offer something practical to every business, one job at a time – SNDC Covid Business Letter – June 2020

South Norfolk Council – June 2020

Key Government Update – Face coverings

As per the Transport Secretary’s announcement in yesterday’s press conference, wearing face coverings on public transport will be mandatory in England from Monday 15th June.

Key points to note:
· The new guidance refers to face coverings – not surgical masks – which you can easily make at home.
· Exemptions will be made for very young children, the disabled and those with breathing difficulties.
· You can be refused travel if you don’t comply and could be fined. Alongside transport operators, this will be enforced by the British Transport Police, as necessary.
You can find the Transport Secretary’s full statement here:


NHS – Testing for Key Workers

Community coronavirus testing in Norfolk and Waveney now available to “key workers” (and/or household members with symptoms). NHS press release 27th April 2020

NHS advice

There are some simple steps we can all take to help keep ourselves safe and prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

  • Reduce the risk of catching and/or spreading viral infections. Wash your hands! It sounds obvious, but there are so many occasions where we put our hands to our mouth giving viruses an easy way in. Regular handwashing can reduce that risk significantly, and it only takes 20 seconds to wash them properly by following this NHS guide.
  • Avoid touching your hands to your face as much as possible, especially to your eyes, mouth or nose.
  • Catch it, Bin it, Kill it … Germs can live on some surfaces for hours. To protect yourself and others, always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Bin the tissue, and to kill the germs, wash your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser gel.

​For the latest information on the Coronavirus visit

If anyone has any concerns about their health they should call 111.

South Norfolk Council

Community Hub – Tel: 01508 533933, email:

South Norfolk Council website link to their Coronavirus page

If you are self-isolating and need support please call 01508 533933 (08:15 to 17:00) or fill in our online form.
If you need to contact us out-of-hours, please call 0800 3896109.
If you are able to provide help and support to families who are self-isolating, please complete our online form.

Norfolk County Council (NCC) – Information

Contact number: 0344 8008020

NCC website page

Public transport information and supporting website links – Public transport covid 19 (1)

Information about support being provided within Norfolk

​Edition 1: Covid 19 Resource pack for families – C-19 Resource pack v1.1 (1)
Date: 19/03/20

Norwich Help Hub Bulletin, Edition 15, 20/03/20 – Norwich Help Hub Bulletin v15

COVID-19 Food support for Norwich area, 19/03/20 – COVID19 FOOD support Norwich v1.1 (3)

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership

Are you looking for work or does your company need staff?

New Anglia LEP is working with partners to support businesses during COVID-19 to help them find the staff they need to continue to operate at this challenging time. With over 60 vacancies currently being advertised: visit to see the latest opportunities.

This Employment Opportunity page is part of New Anglia LEP’s work to help businesses through the COVID-19 crisis.

Other areas of work include:
· helping to source PPE (see box below),
· promoting grants available to businesses
· supporting key sectors.

Anyone who needs free, impartial business support – including guidance on the new Government schemes – can contact the New Anglia Growth Hub to speak to a business adviser on 0300 333 6536 or email

Protect Ourselves, Protect Norfolk – 15/05/20


Residents in Norfolk are being thanked for their responsible approach to the lockdown, and asked to keep working together to stop the spread of coronavirus as the government’s new guidelines come into force.

As the government has relaxed restrictions on spending time outdoors and meeting one member of another household, Partners of the Norfolk Resilience Forum, made up of organisations across Norfolk including councils, the blue light services and the NHS, are urging the public to respect social distancing and behave in a way that will help protect themselves and protect Norfolk from coronavirus.

Tom McCabe, Chair of Norfolk’s Strategic Co-ordination Group (SCG), said: “The people of Norfolk have been steadfast in their approach to following the restrictions so far. We know it hasn’t been easy for many people and I would like to thank them for their dedication and commitment in fighting the virus.

“We now move into a new phase of lockdown, which sees the easing of some restrictions giving people more freedom to go outside. Norfolk communities will appreciate that this is by no means the end of the road – rather the start of a very long recovery journey. I’d ask everyone to stay safe and to apply common sense to their activities, respecting the social distancing requirements and staying at home wherever possible to protect one another.”

The social distancing guidelines, asking everyone to observe a two meter minimum distance between themselves and others, remains in place, and those who are able to work from home are being urged to continue doing so wherever possible. Individuals acting responsibly will play a key part in keeping the infection rate down and protecting others.

As changes to the government guidelines are implemented the NRF has launched the Protect Norfolk campaign to urge everyone to continue to do their bit to stop the spread of Covid 19, asking all of us to:

Keep staying at home as much as possible
Keep contact with others to a minimum
Keep safe when outside
Keep our hands and faces clean
Keep self-isolating if anyone in our household has symptoms
Keep travelling safely
Keep shielding ourselves if we need to
Keep exercising and enjoying outside space safely

These simple steps will help us all protect ourselves and protect Norfolk.

Dr Frankie Swords, Medical Director at QEH, said: “I know it’s difficult for so many of us not being able to see friends and family or to go out as much as we would like, but it is important that we maintain our guard against COVID-19. Even though we are beyond the first peak and cases are reducing, the virus will be with us for some time yet and we all need to play our part in protecting each other and the NHS.

Please carry on doing what you have been doing so well for the past seven weeks, it has made a huge difference and saved lives. Please keep washing your hands and social distancing. Please stay at home and self-isolate if you have symptoms that could be Covid.

The more contact we have with each other, and the closer that contact is, the greater the chance that COVID-19 infections will start to rise again and we may be heading for more deaths, more hospital admissions and another lockdown.”

Cllr Andrew Proctor, Leader of Norfolk County Council and Chair of the Norfolk Leaders Group, said: “With new guidance from the government coming into effect, it’s important we all remember that this is nowhere near a return to normal – certainly not yet. We still have vulnerable people in our communities and we all still need to keep taking sensible precautions. I’d like to thank everyone in Norfolk for the real determination they have shown to stop the spread of this virus so far. It’s vital that we all keep thinking about our behaviour and keep observing social distancing so we can protect ourselves, protect the most vulnerable and protect Norfolk as a whole.”

NCC – Councils launch support plan for vulnerable people

25 March 2020

A comprehensive support package for those residents classed as vulnerable during the Covid-19 Pandemic is being launched by councils across Norfolk.

On Sunday, the Government announced it would be stepping in to directly support about 1.4 million people identified as vulnerable across the country.

But public services in Norfolk are aware the list will not identify everyone in their communities who need support.

Trevor Holden, who is coordinating this response – working with councils and the voluntary sector across the county, said: “We have been working with our colleagues in councils at all levels across the county, along with the community and voluntary sector and community groups to prepare for when this day came.

“Today we will start to send a letter to every house in the county, asking people to contact us if they are vulnerable or need our support either now or in the coming weeks.

“Our community volunteers, local charities and council staff stand by to assist those who need it and are not being helped already.”

A Hardship Fund has been provided by the Government, with measures to help individuals. Anyone who needs help, should visit their local council website and follow the advice given. Businesses in need of support should visit the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership website.

People are being asked not to visit council offices during this time. They will be able to access information and ask for assistance either online or by phone.

Mr Holden said: “Today we are also asking you, if you are able, to volunteer some of your time to help people in your community, as we really do need your help.

“Or if you are a business and can help with services, vehicles or other resources, we would love to hear from you, as together we really can and will make a difference.”

Those who want to volunteer are asked to go through the Voluntary Norfolk website, businesses who are able to offer support should email

Working with the Norfolk Community Foundation, councils have launched a Covid-19 Community Response Fund, which will be directed to charities on the front line of caring for people across the county.

Mr Holden said: “We would ask you to give generously if you can. This fund will help us to support the people in our county that need it, and is critical to our collective response.

“The impact of this virus are already biting hard and are set for some time yet please help us to help each other.

“Please look out for these letters from us, they contain important information.”

People are asked to keep checking their local council and Norfolk County Council’s website and social media channels for updates on how to access help and support.

People can sign up to volunteer with Voluntary Norfolk through

People can donate to the Covid-19 Community Response Fund via the Norfolk Community Foundation website or by post to: Covid-19 Response, Norfolk, Community Foundation, St James Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich, NR31TN. Cheques should be made out to Norfolk Community Foundation.

Local health leaders urge people to keep up the fight against coronavirus by staying at home

The NHS in Norfolk and Waveney is encouraging local people to keep up the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) by following the latest Government advice and staying at home.
A new Government campaign launched this week called Stay Home, Save Lives which reinforces the single most important action we can now all take, in fighting coronavirus – is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

Dr Anoop Dhesi, a GP at Stalham and Chair of NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We’re asking everyone to help save lives, by staying at home because anyone can spread coronavirus.

“Only leave your home to shop for basic necessities, to pick up medicine or to provide care to those who need it or to exercise once a day, alone or with members of your household.

“Only travel to work when you absolutely cannot work from home.

“If you have to go out for any of these reasons always stay two metres apart.

“Do not meet others outside your household; even friends and family. The message is simple stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.”

It comes as letters are sent to vulnerable patients urging them to shield themselves from the virus by staying at home and avoiding face-to-face contact for the next 12 weeks.

The letters provide information about accessing health and social care during this time and extra support available for them, their families and carers. All those who receive a letter are encouraged to register now by going to or call 0800 028 8327, the Government’s dedicated helpline. This will tell whether or not they are in touch with friends, family or a support network in their community who can support them to get food and medicine, and follow the advice in the letter they have received.

Communications Manager
The NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, Norfolk and Waveney

NHS : Coronavirus Message from the Clinical Commissioning Groups

Easy Read Coronavirus Resources:

Here are some helpful general resources about coronavirus (covid-19) which have been produced to support people with a learning disability and their families and carers – please share as appropriate:

· Latest Public Health England (PHE) guidance
· Hand Washing Rap Video guide to handwashing from the Purple All Stars
· []Easy Read information from Photosymbols