Local District Council “Confidence” Campaign

Your local district Council has led the way in providing support during the COVID 19 crisis. Our Help Hub has taken over 15,000 calls asking for help from residents and we have provided over 10,000 bespoke solutions, one family and one street at a time. Our staff and army of volunteers has been shopping for the isolated, delivering medicine and providing hardship funds to those in need. But now we are moving into a second phase. While we continue to look after our most vulnerable residents, the Council is determined that we now do for our local economy what we have managed to achieve in our humanitarian response. We will engage a whole council effort to ensure that businesses are helped, not hindered, to chart a path through the recovery and back to prosperity.

This letter explains how we intend to help you ensure that our local economy bounces back, and how, with the use of our statutory, regulatory, licencing and financial powers we will offer something practical to every business, one job at a time – SNDC Covid Business Letter – June 2020

South Norfolk Council – June 2020

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