Art café & competition results

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Dear All,
Thank you for all the positive messages I received after the Art Cafe launch last week. You are warmly invited to this week’s Art Cafe as we explore two illuminated letters from a medieval book, the Ranworth Antiphoner. I’ve attached a couple of images for you to see ahead of our gathering. Please phone me for your invitation (01508 538014).
I hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at 10.30am.Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 15.59.02
A big ‘thank you’ also goes to everyone who supported Christian Aid Week and our word competitions. The winners of the most words out of ‘Christian Aid Week’ are Philip and Hazel Clarke, who made an astonishing 723 words of 4 or more letters, and Donal Lynch for the most original sentence, ‘Is Nick headwaiter?’
If you would like to support Christian Aid’s urgent Coronavirus Appeal, please visit their website
You can also make a donation by phone (020 7523 2492) or post it to Rockland Rectory for forwarding.
Best wishes,
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