Church News

Here’s the latest news fresh from Rockland Rectory.
Palm Sunday (April 5th)
There will be a service posted on YouTube and accompanying order of service circulated on e-mail. The blessed palms will be put into our Easter mailing, which will contain
– a palm cross
– Easter card
– Consecrated communion wafer OPTIONAL
– Easter order of service
– Easter all-age colouring sheet (this could be put up in your window in celebration of Easter)
If you or anyone you know would like to receive this mailing, please send us a full postal address, stating whether or not you wish to take communion at home and if so, whether you would like 1 or 2 wafers.
Tuesday in Holy Week (7th) 
10am Celtic Prayer by video link. If you wish to ‘attend’, please contact Clive Evans 01508 538234 before the day.
Good Friday (10th)
2 Videos: There will be an activity involving biscuits for all ages, and a filmed reading of the Passion Gospel with images and music.
Easter Day (12th)
Holy Communion including images from Lighting of the New Fire (Easter Eve). This will be an opportunity to share Communion and fellowship spiritually.
We will send out further updates as the week goes on.
With every blessing for Holy Week,
Nick and Helen
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