A message from Nick Garrard, Rector

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I am aware of the support network that is being set up in Bramerton village and the Parish Council’s strong commitment to helping parishioners through difficult times. The Parish Church would like to support this important work and offers four ingredients:

  • Hope – finding strength in a common cause and looking beyond the present crisis to the future
  • Kindness – sharing Christ’s compassion through word and action. Sometimes the small things we do have the biggest impact
  • Prayer – asking God to bless our community and those in greatest need
  • Service – using our time and ability to help and support

There is a team in our parishes who are happy to offer telephone or e-mail support to offer companionship and reassurance during your time of isolation. Please call me or Helen on 01508 538014 or email us nickgarr39@aol.com or broadsidecurate@aol.com if you’d like to chat. If you are aware of people who are self-isolating or are actually unwell, please offer our names and phone numbers as a point of contact for help.

For the time being it won’t be possible to hold public services, but the Church’s work continues in other ways. On Mothering Sunday (March 22nd) we videoed a short service that can be viewed on the Rockland Churches Facebook page and on YouTube, if you click on this link Rockland Churches You Tube.

We intend to publish a weekly video service for the foreseeable future. A weekly sheet with prayers, readings and a short service that accompanies this will be available by e-mail or post if you would like a copy. To break through feelings of isolation, we suggest lighting a candle at 6pm each day, knowing that others are doing the same.
If there is anything else you feel that we could help with or support, please let us know. Please remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
With love and prayers,
Nick Garrard

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