Just walking the dog

Screenshot 2020-03-02 at 12.01.56The swings, slide and climbing frame are all located in part of the village recreation area which is fenced. Dogs are not allowed on this part of the recreation ground for good reason. Let’s be blunt, even the best disciplined dogs sometimes pee and crap where they are not supposed to. Parents are entitled to feel that their children are safe in this space.

There are usually signs to remind owners that this space is out of bounds when walking their dogs. Recently these signs have been deliberately removed or defaced and such anti-social behaviour is most unusual in Bramerton. It’s making me cross that the parish council (using parishioners’ money) is having to pay to replace these signs because of petty vandalism. If it’s you doing this, please leave these signs alone and, to all dog walkers, keep your dog out of the play area!

Remember, South Norfolk is protected by a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which applies to any land open to the air and to which the public is entitled to have access. This PSPO requires dog owners to:

1. Clean up after their dog if it fouls

2. Not to take a dog into, or allow a dog to enter or remain, in any fenced play area.


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