Open Library: Press Reader

A new service giving Norfolk library members access to digital copies of magazines and newspapers from the UK and around the world is now available and it’s all completely free. PressReader provides access to full digital editions of nearly all major national UK newspapers, as well as a wide range of top UK magazines covering a broad range of subjects from travel and food, to politics and fashion. Digital copies of major newspapers and magazines from around the world can be accessed in their original language, and can be translated into different languages, so people whose first language is not English can read content in their native tongue. It also has the facility to enlarge and read text aloud, making it accessible to people with visual impairments. With e-book borrowing from Norfolk’s libraries increasing year on year, this new service will give people an even wider variety of electronic reading choices. 160,000 e-books were borrowed in 2018 compared with 110,000 in 2015, an increase of more than 45%.

There are still printed newspapers and magazines on offer at libraries, for those who prefer physical copies.

Anyone with a Norfolk Libraries account can access PressReader content from anywhere at any time, either via a web browser, or using the free Android or iOS app. Customers can access as many titles as they wish and download them to read offline.

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