Meeting ImageBramerton Village Hall  7.30 pm Monday 16 September

A Road Safety Group is being established in Bramerton, with the support of the Parish Council, to curb the growing problem of speeding traffic, particularly along The Street and on Surlingham Road. The Group is looking at possible ways of persuading drivers to stick to the 30mph speed limit.

These include:

A Community Speed Watch group of volunteers equipped with a speed radar gun. Drivers exceeding the limit receive official police warnings and persistent offenders face prosecution.
The group will need volunteers and a co-ordinator to be trained
by the police.

A SAM2 (Speed Activated Message) sign which tells drivers their speeds and collects speed data anonymously. The sign has to be moved to various approved locations in the village.

A so-called ‘gated entrance’ at entrances to the village (with vertical boards on either side of the road containing 30 mph signs).

These measures will all require funding. Grants providing partial financial assistance are available from Norfolk County Council’s Parish Partnership Scheme to which the Group plans to apply.

Please join us at the Village Hall on Monday, September 16th to discuss the proposals. Ours is a beautiful conservation village with a winding road and blind bends. We need to find ways to make it safer for all who live here.

Dick Meadows   01508 538771

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