Important work at Cadent’s Slade Lane, gas booster site

Cadent operate the gas mains, and service the gas pipes in your area and within buildings up to and including the valve prior to the gas meters. As part of our commitment to maintain the integrity of our pipes and assets, we’ll shortly be carrying out work to upgrade the fencing and lighting and associated works for the site on Slade Lane, just this side of the A146.

Please find attached some Frequently Asked Questions which you may find useful – Cadent FAQ leaflet (1)

This work will be done in conjunction with one of our approved contractors, Trant Optilan. From September work will start on site with the main construction work beginning in November 2019. A traffic management system will be in place to help minimise disruption to you while we’re working at the site. We’ve made a commitment to ensure that no site traffic will come through the village.
We’ll be working between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and the project will last for approximately 12 to 18 months.
If you have any questions about this then please call our team enquiry line on 0345 835 1111.

Project Engineer
Cadent Gas Limited

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