Pregnant smokers encouraged to quit

Women who smoke during pregnancy are being urged to quit to help reduce the risk of seriously affecting the health of their baby. Norfolk County Council Public Health has produced an animated video to highlight the dangers of smoking during pregnancy and the support available to help smokers quit.

Smoking in pregnancy is harmful for both the mother and the unborn child. Carbon monoxide enters the mother’s blood, together with around 4,000 other cigarette chemicals, and limits the oxygen that reaches the baby. It results in an increased risk of the baby being born prematurely, being born too small or even dying before birth.

Having a baby is a great reason to give up smoking. If you’re pregnant and struggling to quit smoking, talk to your midwife or contact Smokefree Norfolk, Norfolk’s specialist stop-smoking service. Advisors will work with you to find what works best for you; offering everything from intensive support, group sessions, one-to-one appointments, and drop-in sessions, all delivered in locations around the county.

For help and support with quitting visit the Smokefree Norfolk website or call 0800 0854113.

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