Extra Parish Council meeting

The Chairman has called an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council to be held at 7.00 pm on Thursday 22 November 2018  in the Village Hall, Easthill Lane, Bramerton.

As all the business of this meeting relates to the terms and conditions of employment of the Parish Clerk the public will be excluded from this meeting under Section 1(2) of the Public Admission to Meetings Act 1960.


  1. To pass a motion to exclude the public under Section 1(2) of the Public admissions to meetings act 1960.
  1. To receive the recommendation of the interview panel and consider the appointment of the new Parish Clerk.
  1. If the appointment is ratified, to consider:
      1. the reimbursement to be paid to the new Parish Clerk;
      1. the hours for which the new Parish Clerk should be employed;
      1. if this pay should be reviewed annually, and if so when the first review should take place;
      1. whether we will make any pension contributions to the candidate;
      1. payment of the new Parish Clerk during the hand-over period.
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