Annual Parish Meeting

The 2018 annual parish meeting was held on Monday 23 April in the village hall. Many thanks to all who attended.


You can read the following reports by clicking on the links below:

Parish council Chairs report 2018 – Keith Wheeldon

South Norfolk District Councillor report – Vic Thomson

Norfolk County Councillor report – Vic Thomson

Bramerton Society report – Jane Wheeldon

St Peter’s Church report – Chris Hawes


Reports were also received from Geoff Shaw, chairman of the village hall committee, and Dick Meadows on behalf of Bramerton relief-in-need trust. For details of the work of this trust click connections page.

Parishioners made a number of proposals relating to litter and speeding in the village and these will be considered at the next parish council meeting on 21 May.


After the meeting Steve Beckett from South Norfolk District Council spoke about the coming appraisal of the village conservation area which led to a lively debate. All parishioners should have received a map showing the draft proposed changes to the conservation with their recent copy of the Bugle and you can see it by clicking Conservation area draft #1. It will be a few weeks before the formal appraisal is published but if you have views on the  draft proposal or have other comments about changes to the conservation area please send them to and it would be useful if you could copy your email to the Parish Clerk 

To find out more about conservation areas in England you may find the RICS website helpful – RICS conservation area guidance.

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