Bramerton Village Sign

V sign rebuildTo cheers from passing motorists, Bramerton village sign was this morning (Friday 13 October 2017) re-erected at the junction of The Street, with Kirby Road and Surlingham Road. The sign was knocked down some five years ago by a motorist who suffered a heart attack while approaching the junction, and it has taken a very, very long time to find a contractor willing to put the sign up again.

The contractors, David Ireland Groundworks from Mulbarton, started work on the IMG_0277foundations last week, and the new brickwork pedestal was completed just three days ago. All that remained was for the post to be transported back to the site today and inserted into the base.

Sadly the original lead capping was stolen before the sign was knocked down, so while the sign has been in storage the capping has been replaced with glass reinforced plastic. The “BRAMERTON” lettering has also been picked out in gold by signwriters Mike Amiss and his son so it should be a little easier to read.


The post is made of chestnut, and plaques at the top show images of the parish church, the river and the village hall as well as that local speciality, wild garlic. All that remains is for the grass around the base to be re-seeded over the next few days.

Thanks are due to David Ireland, the main contractor, to David Blake for the use of his barn for storing the sign safely, and to the chair of the Bramerton Society and the chair of the Parish Council for seeing this long-running saga to a successful conclusion.



A sign that Bramerton is back on the map


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