The Street, Bramerton – village pond

This is the official website of Bramerton Parish Council. During the current emergency we will do our best to keep you up-to-date with the latest news which will be posted on this website – click here Latest Bramerton News. 

By now you should have received a leaflet through your door with details of the Bramerton Good Neighbour scheme. If, for example, you need help fetching groceries or medication, walking the dog or just a chat on the phone please get in touch using the details on that form. As ever, take care and do not open your door to strangers who may appear to be offering unsolicited help.

If you need help fetching medication click here Prescriptions and scroll down to Prescriptions.

If you want to know about local deliveries to the village click Deliveries to Bramerton and scroll down to the relevant article.

In  response to the current crisis South Norfolk Council has set up a Help Hub tel 01508 533933 and they are able to provide a further level of support and have access to a variety of funding streams. So if you are in difficulty don’t hesitate to give them a call – it will be answered by a real person!

If you are feeling isolated and need someone else to talk to you can call our new vicar, Nick Garrard on 01508 538014 or email Alternately you can contact Age UK who are offering a telephone befriending service and Information and advice just click the underlined text for more details.

If you can help in any way please get in touch, using the contact details on the Good Neighbour leaflet. Look out especially for neighbours who do not have access to the internet and keep them up-to-date with local news, perhaps by phone, a note through the door or by calling (nicely) over the fence.

If you want to hear straightaway when new items are posted click Following Bramerton Village Website and we will send you an email alert when new items are added. You can also follow us on  Bramerton Facebook.

Contributions to this website are very welcome – please send us your news.


Please refer to our Coronavirus page on this website for further information

Coronavirus – NHS advice

There are some simple steps we can all take to help keep ourselves safe and prevent the spread of Coronavirus:
• Reduce the risk of catching and/or spreading viral infections. Wash your hands! It sounds obvious, but there are so many occasions where we put our hands to our mouth giving viruses an easy way in. Regular handwashing can reduce that risk significantly, and it only takes 20 seconds to wash them properly by following this NHS guide.
• Avoid touching your hands to your face as much as possible, especially to your eyes, mouth or nose.
• Catch it, Bin it, Kill it … Germs can live on some surfaces for hours. To protect yourself and others, always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Bin the tissue, and to kill the germs, wash your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser gel.

For the latest information on the Coronavirus visit

If anyone has any concerns about their health they should call 111.

Recreation Ground Play Area – and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Bramerton play area is closed until further notice.

24  March 2020

Cancellation of Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council has taken the decision to cancel all meetings until further notice with immediate effect.  26/03/20